Blockchain-based financing will going to be one of the most revolutionary ways where SMEs around the world can unlock liquidity for their assets.

ShuttleOne assets tokenization and DeFi performance report in June 2021
ShuttleOne assets tokenization and DeFi performance report in June 2021

In the ShuttleOne ecosystem, we are using blockchain to service the global supply chain ecosystem with unbiased credit scoring and real-world assets tokenization. Through our partner, CALISTA Finance, ShuttleOne has serviced:

  • Over 560,000USD in assets tokenization value under ShuttleOne network: The real-world assets that are being tokenized on Shuttle One can be anything in the supply chain from trade inventories in food, health and beauty, toys to high value assets like steel and machineries. …

As Shuttle One ecosystem grow into servicing global trade platform like CALISTA Finance. We see the potential for ecosystems like B2B and B2C platforms to grow and build their own financial services to service their users.

My most recent article on DeFi implementation into real-world based on ShuttleOne’s approach in bridging DeFi to the real world and is featured on Thefintechtimes.

This is the next chapter where we expand on this theory:

In platforms where capital or cashflow could be an issue for acquisition. Building their own financing infrastructure ensures more successful deals for platforms

As ecosystems grow, one of…

El Salvador made world news when they became the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. This means, El Salvador businesses and government agencies are now required to accept bitcoin beside the US dollar as a payment.

The law was passed early in June 2021, and will go into law in 90 days, making “every economic agent” to accept bitcoin as payment unless they lack access to the necessary technology.

Now this is a big move for a country to change its domain currency, especially into a 10-year technology such as bitcoin. This adoption is being…

New developments are coming as promised, but Lunadopters will get the priority access

Last month we shared with you a little sneak peak on our upcoming developments for ShuttleSwap and ShuttleWallet. Well.. it’s coming next month, but first, we decide to experiment a new method of our product launching cycle: Involve our early adopters and community in the product development through the LUNADOPTERS program.

The LUNADOPTERS — our early adopters individual and businesses had accessed, tested and feedback to:

  • ShuttleSwap — the B2B global fiat- crypto payment solution which is available across 80+ countries — our business LUNADOPTER partner, CALISTA…

With the explosion of Decentralize finance (DeFI) projects, there are many ways to invest and grow your crypto portfolio. However, the more involved you are with crypto investment, the more you need a diversification strategy for your cryptocurrencies.

Overexposure to the crypto market will make your portfolio at risk of getting affected heavily to the market volatility nature. It is important to take profit as well as move your portfolio into stablecoins when the market is highly volatile, swinging up to +- 90%. It is all fun and excitement until ⅓ of your portfolio get wiped out within a night.

Real-world businesses don’t know about DeFI potential

Decentralized finance (DeFI) projects are now one of the newest, revolutionary ways to get financing services. Borrowers who are in need of financing services can borrow directly with DeFI projects within seconds without banking history or credit scoring.

Access to financial services means opportunities to leverage capital and get out of debts and poverty. This empowers millions of people who are unbanked, unrecorded around the world access to financial services that they didn’t get before.

Millions of people are now knowing and using DeFI. But how about businesses? …

Dear Shuttlenauts,

With the upcoming developments we are going to launch in a very early time, we understand and recognize the value from the ShuttleOne’s community feedback. Afterall, a product is nothing if no one find it useful.

Therefore, we decided to launch The Lunadopters project — A selected list of members from the ShuttleOne community who will be prioritized to participate in the beta/ test phase of ShuttleOne’s products. We want to hear your feedback, but even better, we want to REWARD you for giving us review and feedback!

The Lunadopters members get access to:

  • Early access to product…

The launch of ShuttleSwap, Shuttle Wallet and more

April has been one of our hardest working months! The ShuttleOne product team has been working hard on a few ongoing developments that will be launched and shared to Shuttlenauts in the coming weeks.


Within April, ShuttleOne has reached amazing milestones thanks to the support from our community:

  • ShuttleOne is fueling the booming cross-border trade in SouthEast Asia and China: This month, ShuttleOne services has offered over 180,000USD of financing for businesses that is worth 890,000USD of trade value. Trade businesses that ShuttleOne has funded this month also included the first batch…

· ShuttleOne, the decentralized finance company, has successfully financed the first batch of electric vehicles for commercial use in Singapore as part of the Climate Change Agenda.

· The ultimate beneficiary of the commercial electric vehicles, SMRT is the operator of taxis, buses, motorbikes fleets in Singapore and is heading to change their entire taxi fleet into electric vehicles.

· Decentralized finance as part of blockchain technology at its early stage is still being developed and adopted mostly within the industry. However, the power of decentralized finance can be used and implemented in many industries.


Dear Shuttlenauts,

Today, we’re delighted to provide an update about our on-going successful partnership with Global eTrade Services (GeTS). ShuttleOne decentralized finance blockchain technology is currently powering GeTS’s CALISTA™ Finance system that is a global supply chain platform that brings financial activities for the global supply chain.

About GeTS

Global eTrade Services (GeTS) is a subsidiary of CrimsonLogic — a Singapore government linked company that is powering government services solutions across the world. GeTS is a global leading trade platform company focused on logistics, compliance and financial products. The company has linkages to…

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